Organic Clothing Coalition

Meet Our Team
The Organic Crusaders
Patricia Davis-Creator

I'm a greenie to the core.  I love good organic food, good organic wine and good music.  Fashion is my passion and great clothes are the prefect vehicle for self expression.  Dressmaking and design allows me to be creative in ways that know no boundaries. My degrees are in Marketing, Management, Fashion Merchandise and Interior Design.  I enjoy traveling and have lived in several major cities across the US but, my heart belongs to the land. I am a farm girl.  Being close to nature and the land is apart of my genetics.  Mother nature has provided us with everything we need to clothe ourselves, yet industry creates synthetics to take the place of the real thing while harming the wellbeing of our bodies and souls.  I believe if we continue to produce them, use hazardous chemicals and dangerous dyes at the rate we're going today in a short amount of time our environment will no longer be sustainable; impacting every man, woman and child.  The coalition was established to offer alternatives to all those who care.  
Juliana Novik (Intern)-Graphic Design, Branding and Creative Writing Specialist

I'm inspired by art, architecture, music, fashion, nature and the performing arts. I'm working on a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design & Digital Media with a specialization in Photography. Design for me is the ultimate form of self expression.  I love ballroom dancing and working with kids.  Both help keep me on my toes.  Being able to shoot a lot of my photographs using nature as my back drop is inspiring and a clear reminder of just how beautiful the earth is and the amazing gifts you can find if you just look around you.  A great day for me is visiting a great museum, listening to a new favorite album and dancing the day away.  On campus I get to see all types and expressions of fashion; it's always interesting to see what people wear and how they wear it.  

Miss Earth Florida 2015, Elizabeth Tran-Spokesperson and Greatest Fan

On November 2014, I was blessed to win the title of Miss Earth Florida 2015. If you know me, you know two of my biggest passions are environmental awareness and pageantry. I cannot explain how much this means to me that I have the opportunity to represent an organization that stands for the same environmental values I've stood for when I started Teens Go Green seven years ago. Little did I know everything I had in store for me...
One of the peaks of my journey is working with Patricia Davis, the owner of Silver Needle and Thread custom sewn clothing and Consumers Against Toxic Apparel (CATA), to be my wardrobe sponsor for all of my appearances. I will be provided with outfits made of organic cotton and natural fibers to wear when I volunteer, meet with professionals, and work with others as Miss Earth Florida.
When I visited the studio in Jacksonville with my pageant mamaw Mona Eagle, I received a full consultation from Patricia. Being treated like royalty would be an understatement! Patricia did a color and body analysis to see what would look best on me. Silver Needle and Thread's custom sewn clothing fits me to a tee, and CATA is the umbrella organization that supports 14 other clothing companies that use certified organic material. I'm so blessed to work with organizations that are 
so supportive of my journey as Miss Earth Florida 2015.

Willie Davis- Logistics and Warehouse Coordinator

It's been so rewarding witnessing the journey of CATA unfolding; meeting like-minded people in the industry working hard to make a difference and inspiring consumers to ask more questions about the clothes they buy.  I'm just a regular guy wanting to do all I can to protect my health and live a more mean full life.  Dressing well is one of my favorite things to do.  I enjoy fishing, teaching my grandsons how to play with remote powered toys and gardening.  I'm an artist and is often inspired by what I see in nature.  Watching football really makes me happy and supporting my team The Washington Redskins.
Morgan Gonzalez (Intern)- Photography, Advertising and Social Media Specalist

I consider myself to be a motivated and determined individual. I have spent my last five summers working as a beach lifeguard and have learned that hard work pays off. I am responsible and have excellent focus. In my job as a lifeguard, I have become both a leader and an inspirer for new guards. I am a positive, creative, open-minded individual. I am adventurous; I did a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. Experiencing and residing in another country furthered my global awareness drastically.